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This is a 6 week course of self-recovery from childhood sexual abuse and the symptoms of PTSD.  The programme has been carefully structured into the three main stages that are designed to open, shift, and transform the heavy energy associated with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  With guidance throughout, the course comes in PDF form, plus emailed instructions for some of the main therapies.  Eliza is also available via email if you need extra support.

Where this programme and the healings etc within it do not claim to result in complete recovery, it can change your life by putting you on the path of recovery with tools to assist you.  

Composed of the following therapies and exercises:

Written guidance and counsel  – Shamanic Healing Transmission and Meditation – Photon Light Therapy – Healing the Family Soul  – World Clean Up Transmission and Meditation – Transforming your Sexual Energy Field – Affirmations – Connecting with your Spirit Guides – Grounding Meditation – Empowering your Soul.

The course can begin at a date of your choosing, but must run for at least 6 consecutive weeks.  It takes little time each day, so the committment is easily kept to.

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